A word of warning to the “politically correct”: by personal choice, I always refer to my hypothetical reader as “he”. The reason for doing so is explained here.

Written by me

These come in two flavours: those I write in English, and those I write in my native Portuguese—but without using that ghastly wretched new orthography!!

Julian Assange’s Kafkaesque extradition case. Although also written by me, and in English, I put it here to stand out. Read on, to get a glimpse of the plight being endured by the West’s most proeminient political prisoner since the end of World War II.

Not written by me

Here is one of the coolest graduation speeches of, well, ever. And here is the transcription of an 1974 talk, by iconoclast philosopher Paul Feyerabend, on why 1) science is turning into a religion, and 2) society should be defended from it. He makes a surprisingly strong argument!