On Twitter again, sort of…

On how I ended up back in Twitter… (but with a twist).    #twitter

I am starting to have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with Twitter… Anyway, my previous twitter policy—which can be briefed up as “I will barely use it, but I will keep the account”—is hereby revoked.1 Why? And what’s next? Read on…

The reason I had (kind of) ditched Twitter, was because I got fed up with the fact even to just browse someone’s feed, one was required to login. But as I explained when complaining about this,2 while I wanted to stop using the service, I did not intend to cancel the account—among other reasons, there can be very valuable content buried in Twitter threads. (And given its ubiquity, it is also a good way to ping people quickly.)

Until another idea jostled its way up to my conscious mind: do with Twitter the same I do with the “What’s new?” page. I.e., dump the taglines and links of the stuff I write, in a fire and forget fashion. To make the process really fire and forget, I even coded a small script to post to Twitter “automagically”!

So that is basically what I intend to do with Twitter: the “What’s new?” page already lists the newest content, together with an Atom feed, and Twitter will be an other medium to spread the word :-)

A word about replies. The main problem with Twitter, is that the constrained length messages encourages far too much noise. So the best way to reply, is to post a link to a thoughtful, meaningful (and polite, even if critical!) response—rather than the few hundred characters that Twitter allows, and which can be cooked up in a few seconds notice. Usually for that reason, I treat the latter as noise, and accordingly ignore them.3

The only thing left to say, is that my Twitter feed can be found at https://twitter.com/notnotrandom. Happy readings…

July 1, 2022.

* * *

[Update] July 21, 2022. So the “What’s new?” was terminated, and instead all new content goes to Twitter. “What about all that crap about having to login to read someone’s feed?!”, I hear you ask. Well, I wrote a small script to do it for me. Instead of logging in, it uses Twitter’s API. Check it out if you are interested!

  1. Said policy can be read here.↩︎

  2. Cf. the reference link in footnote 1 above.↩︎

  3. The objection that you have no other space where you could publish your replies cuts no mustard: not in these days of Blogger, Wordpress.com, or whatever else is out there…↩︎