So long twitter, and thanks for all the fish!

Where I explain why I will no longer use it regularly… #twitter #byebye

I should start by saying that I have a twitter account——and that I will not be deleting it. So what do why mean when I say that I will no longer be a regular user?

To answer that, I need to explain something about the way I, hitherto, used twitter: and that was basically as a sui generis feed mechanism. That is, when I finished some text and published it in this space, and went to twitter to announce it. And that was (almost) it.1 I encouraged people to reply to my texts, not on twitter per se, but by 1) thinking before replying; and 2) given that the result of actual thinking rarely fits in a puny 160 characters, to write it down in their own webspace—which is fairly easy to do in these days of blogger and wordpress and whatnot—and post the link for that text on twitter. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

And while I did this, I got onto the habit of glancing twitter accounts without bothering to log in—which I only did when I had published something here, and wanted to post a link there (i.e. on twitter). And herein laid the rub. Apparently thinking they are not enough of a control freak behemoth already, now, after a couple of minutes—at most—of reading tweets, you are “kindly” asked to login to continue reading. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back—and so this usually mild-mannered camel is replying in the most ill-mannered way possible: twitter, go fuck yourself!!!

From now, whenever I put something new in this space, besides showing up in the site’s ToC, it will be (temporarily) shown in the new What’s New? page—and that will have to do.2

March 15, 2022.

  1. While I have strived to avoid so-called “twitter discussions”, sometimes I got dragged down… particularly when explaining to liberals why really existing liberalism is a bunch of bollocks. Predictably, especially given the fact that one is limited to speak in pockets of 160 characters, the discussion was too much noise and too little substance…↩︎

  2. So now you may asking: “OK, so why will you keep the account?” Because it is quite handy to ping someone quickly—and this can be very valuable. But other than that, I am afraid I am quite done with the service.↩︎