Lisbon… oh Lisbon.

Now I shall briefly reminisce about my years in Lisbon. Too big, too crowded, too noisy, WAAAY too many cars, but the old city is quite nice! (To visit, at any rate; living there is whole new ball game…).

So we have Bairro Alto by day (no pics by night, as I was usually otherwise engaged…):

Bairro Alto
Lisbon’s bohemian district… is somewhat quieter during daytime.

Lisbon is known as the city of the seven hills; on one of those is located Saint George’s castle (castelo de São Jorge, in the original Portuguese). The view is quite something:

View from St George castle
Looking down from St. George’s…

Of course, no self-respecting, post-medieval castle, comes without—that’s right—cannons!

And more than once, have I wished I could fire such a strategically placed weapon!

From St. George’s we also have this view from the church of Graça—the tower being the only part that survived the 1755 earthquake, totally unscathed—it still carries a 17th century bell.

Graça church
Graça in a frame.

And lastly, just what kind of bohemian life center would Lisbon be, without matching… ahem… cultural activities?!

Belly dancing
Such as belly dancing round the tube… station!

All in all, I guess I really shouldn’t complain too much!

September 18, 2019.