Photos dot Google

June 1, 2015  •  Tags: photography, english

When I decided that some of the photos I took were good enough to publish online, I first tried using Google Plus as a photo album, because I already had an account. It worked, but it was something that can fairly be described as the poor man’s photo album. So wanting something a little better, I tried flickr. It was good, and I stuck with it—until I logged in from abroad, and got locked out because I could not answer a phone challenge, considering how I had not given them my phone number (nor having any intention to do so).

So I was back at having my photos only in my hard drive, until I heard of Google Photo. It’s free, unlimited, and it totally lacks privacy (from Google), but for the photos I intend to store there, it’s more than enough. What I had stored in flickr encompasses roughly four categories; here are the corresponding albums @ google:

Now one of the problems is that (unlike flickr) I can’t list all of the albums (or all of the photos, for that matter). But I can route around that problem. As Prof. Fred Brooks pointed out, one must «[p]resent to inform, not to impress;», because «if you inform, you will impress.». So while I cannot dump all of the photos and provide a link for you to sift through, I can put the relevant new ones in (public) albums, and write a blog post embedding them, thus making them part of the story. And besides, that way I get to debut a new category! ;-)

EDIT November 1, 2017: after publishing the post about my trip to Norway, I discovered that, when obtaining the URLs for the photos you wish to embed in your post, you must be logged out of Google Photos!! Otherwise the URL you will get will be one that can only be viewed by logged in (and authorised) users… which is not usually what I want when blogging!

EDIT November 4, 2017: lest I get carried away, it is always good to keep in mind that, paraphrasing Neil deGrasse Tyson, photographs are supposed to be the record of your life experience, not the life experience itself! ;-)