LaTeX Trickery

November 28, 2022. Multiple Authors. Listing multiple authors with my LaTeX templates.

November 22, 2022 enotez-cum-appendices-and-starred-chapters. enotez is a LaTeX package that produces endnotes, and works well, and can group said endnotes by chapters—except if the chapters are either starred (i.e. numberless), or appendices. This is how I solve workaround that problem.

August 30, 2022. LaTeX's tabular, sort of improved. The tale of my plight attempting to teach an old dog (LaTeX) a new trick (`tabular` with a number of columns that is dynamically specified).

June 15, 2022. Custom TeX tree. Because ~/texmf/ sucks...

June 15, 2022. minted with build directory. So I stop wasting time repeatedly searching for a simple fix...

June 15, 2022. Enumerate with multicolumns. Basically what the title says.