LaTeX Trickery

Enumerate: continuing from previous oneApril 18, 2024.
How to have the bullet number continue from a previous enumeration. #latex #enumerate #bullet #number


The cases environment—and its alignmentJuly 1, 2023.
The cases environment, made a bit prettier.    #latex #cases #alignment

LaTeX equations: to number, or not to numberJune 26, 2023.
How to make all equations numbered, even in starred environments…    #latex #equations #starred #numbered

LaTeX: Restate theorems, etc.June 26, 2023.
For when your mathematical creations need an alter ego…    #latex #theorems #restate


Multiple AuthorsNovember 28, 2022.
Listing multiple authors with my LaTeX templates.

enotez-cum-appendices-and-starred-chaptersNovember 22, 2022
enotez is a LaTeX package that produces endnotes, and works well, and can group said endnotes by chapters—except if the chapters are either starred (i.e. numberless), or appendices. This is how I solve workaround that problem.

LaTeX's tabular, sort of improvedAugust 30, 2022.
The tale of my plight attempting to teach an old dog (LaTeX) a new trick (`tabular` with a number of columns that is dynamically specified).

Custom TeX treeJune 15, 2022.
Because ~/texmf/ sucks...

Enumerate with multicolumnsJune 15, 2022.
Basically what the title says.