Óscar Pereira

Lost in 日本-country!

The fellow in the photo. Programmer, professional paranoid, clever playfulness enthusiast (computers and beyond!). A practitioner (engineer) by trade, quietly morphing into a theoretician.1

Contact information and CV. Contact information is here. Curriculum Vitæ, here.

Additional information. Before leaving you with this site’s table of contents, so that you can navigate at will, here are two more things you should know:

1. If the top black navigation bar is not visible, move the cursor to near the top of the browser’s viewport, and it will be shown (non-mobile browsers only).

2. In what the texts I write are concerned, it is my personal choice to always refer to my hypothetical reader as “he.” The reason for doing so is explained here.

Table of Contents (a.k.a. Site Map)

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