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As long as you refrain from plagiarising,2 all the content I put here, that is of my own authorship—which is most of it, the exceptions being clearly marked—is free for you to use/copy/bootleg/etc. as you see fit.

I write it to fulfil my own needs—or to vent my frustrations. Sometimes both. Nevertheless, especially when developing software, and in technical/math/LaTeX writings, I try to be as general as possible, so as to maximise the odds that they will be useful to others, rather than just myself—and you are welcome to all of it. I ask only that if you find anything here particularly enjoyable, inspiring, thought-provoking, enlightening, or just particularly useful—and especially regarding software and/or technical stuff, if it solves a problem you were having—that you consider sending a donation, however small, my way. As you may have guessed from the title, you can send it using Buy Me a Coffee:

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While I am not a fan of making Jeff Bezos’ pockets any deeper beyond their already gargantuan depths, you can also donate via an Amazon Gift Card (send the electronic version to It does have the advantage of being quick, and of allowing sending small amounts.