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rsync with (some) steroidsJune 15, 2023.
I came up with a way of using rsync to be able to compare folders and list the files which actually have different contents, and in that case, which folder has the newest version. This means that, given two folders A/ and B/, all the files with differences are newer in (say) folder B/, I can just copy them over to folder A/, instead of doing individual merges. This is super useful to merge files that exist on both desktop and laptop, but that are not under version control.    #rsync #diff #merge #bash #script

The Importance Of Being Printer FriendlyFebruary 17, 2023.
On printing this website’s pages to PDF… #print-to-pdf

Errata for van Dalen’s Logic and StructureSeptember 23, 2022.
I couldn't find one, so I wrote my own.

Instructions for CoworkersApril 8, 2022.
Straightforward manner to use git (more or less) privately.

Iptables rules for clients and serversApril 7, 2022.
Two (more or less) generic sets of iptables rules, one for clients, and another for servers.

Run git on your own serverFebruary 23, 2022.
For things that are not ready to be shared with the world...

On the joys of reinstalling systemd-bootSeptember 21, 2021.
ecause if you have Archlinux and macOS on the same machine, updating the latter prevents you from booting the former...