This is my toned-down fork from Elias Toivanen’s TeX-9 vim plugin for writing LaTeX documents.    #vim #plugin #snippets [Source code]

I liked TeX-9 a lot (it’s efficient and minimalistic), but there were some itches that after some time, became itchy enough for me to finally scratch them. Hence I rewrote it in pure Vimscript (TeX-9 used Python bindings), and added a couple of sweet features. E.g., smarter completion, and distraction-free background save-and-compile—just hit ‘:ww’ (sans quotes). Feedback will only be shown in case of error.

TeX-9 also came with its own LaTeX templates (skeletons for documents). I prefer to use my own, so TeX-7 does not provide this feature.

Some day (real soon now…), I am going to make a screen cast showcasing this plugin’s features. But until then, the best I can do is tell you to go check out the manual. But don’t let that deter you! :-)

October 29, 2022.