This is my Vim plugin for snippet insertion and processing. It is simple, requires minimal setup, and it just works.    #vim #plugin #snippets [Source code]

The tagline basically says it all. This is inspired by Michael Sanders’ snipMate plugin, which in turn was inspired by TextMate’s snippet functionality. If you know either of those, the only other thing that you need to know is that unlike those, for this plugin, the snippets are not included. You will have to create your own—but the ones I currently use can serve as a starting point.

If not, then you can take a look at the documentation, here. Instructions on how to install the plugin are in the first section therein—and the second section explains how to use my custom snippets (which you can then tweak to your liking). Some day real soon I will do a screencast showcasing the functionalities this plugin offers…

July 15, 2022.