Essays in English

We write to taste life twice, in the moment, and in retrospection.
Anaïs Nin

September 23, 2021. Lost Notes on Afghanistan. Why the West was never really bothered with the plight of the Afghans (despite all "news" to the contrary).

March 17, 2019. Thoughts on Nihon, part I. Of the three months I spent in the land of the rising Sun, this first part is about Tokyo city.

November 01, 2017. Norwegian blues. Nature, food (or the lack thereof…), more nature, and the error of wanting to stay close to airports when you have connection flights… (among a ton of other stories).

May 2016. On the follies of the so-called Intellectual Property. Where I expand on the reasons why “intellectual property” is a very misleading name for copyright, patent, etc., law. And here is some follow-up discussion after a talk where I presented these ideas.