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LaTeX: Restate theorems, etc.June 26, 2023.
For when your mathematical creations need an alter ego… #latex #theorems #restate
•  Update, December 10, 2023. Added a clarification about the need to actually repeat the content of the theorem or whatever, when restating it…

TeX-7November 20, 2023.[Source code]
This is my toned-down fork from Elias Toivanen’s TeX-9 Vim plugin for writing LaTeX documents. #vim #plugin #snippets
•  Update, November 21, 2023. The plugin’s full manual is now displayed here. Within Vim, hitting :help vim-tex-seven will only list the available maps, visual mode motions, etc., together with brief descriptions of each—and direct the user to the current page for further information.

Backup on LUKS-encrypted external HDDMarch 8, 2022.[Script] [Config]
One of my strategies to prevent important (electronic-form) information from becoming too ephemeral… #backups #rsync #luks #usb #drive
•  Update, August 31, 2023. The script now outputs messages to inform the user when the LUKS volume has been successfully mounted/unmounted. Moreover, two new options: -m mounts the LUKS volume, and nothing else; and -u unmounts the LUKS volume, and nothing else. Also, the configuration variables have been placed in a separate file, to ease setting them up.

On sine and cosineAugust 28, 2023.[preprint]
Relating the geometric intuitions of sine and cosine, to their formal expressions in terms of Taylor series. #trigonometry #sine #cosine #differentiation #taylor #series

Lisbon: back from the recesses of memoryAugust 23, 2023.
Another couple of Lisbon photos… with some stories thrown in for bonus 🙂    #lisbon

LaTeX: Restate theorems, etc.June 26, 2023.
For when your mathematical creations need an alter ego…    #latex #theorems #restate
•  Update, July 31, 2023. Added a new way of restating theorems, etc., which allows one to refer back to the restated environment—something the original solution did not allow.

The cases environment—and its alignmentJuly 1, 2023.
The cases environment, made a bit prettier.    #latex #cases #alignment

LaTeX equations: to number, or not to numberJune 26, 2023.
How to make all equations numbered, even in starred environments…    #latex #equations #starred #numbered

LaTeX: Restate theorems, etc.June 26, 2023.
For when your mathematical creations need an alter ego…    #latex #theorems #restate

enotez-cum-appendices-and-starred-chaptersNovember 2022.
enotez is a LaTeX package that produces endnotes, and works well, and can group said endnotes by chapters—except if the chapters are either starred (i.e. numberless), or appendices. This is how I solve workaround that problem.    #latex #enotez #split #chapters #title #starred #appendix
•  Update, June 18, 2023. Migrated the content from PDF to HTML, and added an alternative to place endnotes at the end of each chapter. Also added an easy way to convert the document, should the need arise, to using only footnotes. Retained the original solution of grouping notes at the end of document, and (sub-)grouping by chapter.

rsync with (some) steroidsJune 15, 2023.
I came up with a way of using rsync to be able to compare folders and list the files which actually have different contents, and in that case, which folder has the newest version. This means that, given two folders A/ and B/, all the files with differences are newer in (say) folder B/, I can just copy them over to folder A/, instead of doing individual merges. This is super useful to merge files that exist on both desktop and laptop, but that are not under version control.    #rsync #diff #merge #bash #script

Multiple AuthorsNovember 28, 2022.
Listing multiple authors with my LaTeX templates.    #latex #article #report #multipleauthors
•  Update, May 24, 2023. I now tackle this problem by modifying directly the \footnotemark and \footnotetext commands, so as to work for both articles and reports—unlike the original strategy, that used slightly different codes for each case.

Exponentiation rules in May 2, 2023.
This is something one usually learns in a piece-wise fashion, because it is information that is usually scattered among all sorts of different books (analysis, algebra, etc.). Well, here I round it all up in one place.    #math #reals #exponentiation